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Tenants Services

Thanks for coming to visit us here at Homecoming Letting Agency: we hope that we’ll be able to find you a great home to let here in the Carlisle area.

Browse through our letting properties pages and let us know if there’s anything which catches your eye: you can complete our inquiry form on this website to register your interest, or phone us, if you prefer.

Please bear in mind that the list of properties to let which you see on our site isn’t always current, as properties can let out quickly. We often have properties which are brand new to the letting market and haven’t been uploaded to the site yet- so don’t be disappointed if you can’t see what you want on the site at the moment- just send us an inquiry and we’ll see what we can do for you.

How does the letting procedure work here at Homecoming Letting Agency?

Well, the process begins with you spotting a property-or properties to let- on our website which interests you and getting in touch. We’ll take a few details from you and discuss a potential viewing of the property. You can be assured that any personal information which you give us will be protected under our privacy policy, which you can read about on this site.


We will arrange a viewing of the property with you at a mutually convenient time: we are happy to work weekends, if these are the only convenient times for you, but are reluctant to carry out viewings in the evenings: evenings are for catching up with family, paperwork and even a glass of wine.

What to bring

You’ll need to bring a form of ID with you for the viewing- passport or driving licence, for example. If you are going to be sharing the home with family members or a partner, then please bring them along, too, if possible, so we find out everyone’s opinions at the same time.

If you wish to rent the property…..

Success! You love it!

What next………….?

Well then the application process will begin. We will give you information about the ‘Right to Rent’ (see this website- it’s all there). You will be sent a link to our referencing  company to complete the online referencing and credit check process.

How long does that take?

That’s a difficult question to answer, because it depends on human beings. The referencing agency will contact your employers, your bank, your previous landlords, if you have any, the electoral register etc, and all these people need to respond in order for the report to be compiled. Usually we find that the process takes just over a working week- the best thing that you can do is apply quickly!

But what if someone else comes along in the meantime?

If you want to secure the letting property you can pay a deposit- this amount is always equivalent to the amount of one month’s rent. This ensures that Homecoming Letting Agency will not offer the property to let to anyone else whilst you are going through the application process.

What if I don’t pass the referencing process?

If that should happen, we will contact you and discuss whatever it is about your information which is causing a hitch. If then we judge that you are still suitable tenants for the property, then the letting process will go ahead. If, however, we feel that you would not be suitable then your application will be declined and the holding deposit will be returned to you in full.

What if I am under twenty five- can I apply?

We’ll need to discuss this with you, but it may be that you can recruit a guarantor who will agree to pay your rent if you can’t.  This person will need to pay the referencing fee and go through the referencing process in order to assure us that they are able to pay if required. They will also need to sign a guarantor agreement, which is a legally binding agreement to pay the rent if you’re unable to do so. We will need to discuss this with your guarantor to ensure that they understand their role properly before they agree.

Good news- you’ve passed!

We’ll let you know as soon as we have the results from the referencing agency, and if all is well we will be able to move onto the next stage.  We will agree a moving in date with you, and your deposit will be lodged with the D.P.S. ( More about the D.P.S. later).

Your first month’s rent will need to be paid in cleared funds in advance- we often accept payments straight into the business bank account, or some tenants prefer to pay in cash on their moving in day. Either is fine with us.

On the big day…..

On your moving in day you will sign an AST contract- Assured Shorthold Tenancy- all adults in the household will need to sign this. You’ll want to read through it carefully, as you’ll be signing a legal document, so you want to make sure you understand what you’re signing up for. There’ll be three copies: one is yours, one is ours and the other will be sent to the owner of the property to let.

The contract is usually for six months

Most tenancy agreements are for six calendar months, beginning on the day on which the agreement is signed.  You will be given banking details to set up a standing order to cover your rental payments, which must be in the Homecoming Letting Agency business bank account by the agreed date on the AST, in order to avoid late payment penalty fees.

It’s important to understand that signing the contract means that you agree to pay six months’ rent, so don’t sign unless you are confident you will be doing this: six months is quite a long time!


The owner of the property to let may well have asked us to compile an inventory- a list of everything which is in the property and its condition when you moved in.  We’ll give you a copy of this document, and you’ll have a week to go through it and send us any amendments which you may feel are appropriate- just a note in an email will do. After that, the inventory stands   record of the condition of the property and its contents when you began the tenancy, and will be checked during three-monthly inspection visits and at the end of the tenancy on your moving-out day.

We will read and record utility meters with you, and you will need these readings to set up your utility accounts. The council tax will be notified and the account changed into your name.

You will be given details to set up your monthly standing order for your rental payments.

After that- make yourself at home! Provided all is well, we’ll leave you to enjoy your new home. We will contact you to arrange inspection visits every three months, and you can contact us with any issues associated with the tenancy or the letting property maintenance.

After six months?

If the tenancy has gone well and you wish to remain in the property, then we can arrange to move onto a periodic tenancy agreement: just let us know.

What’s a periodic tenancy agreement?

Well, this is a new contract with some different terms: basically it means that you can remain in the property- if all is well with both you and the property owner- until you give one month’s notice to leave, or the property owner gives you two months’ notice to leave. If you feel that this is the route for you, then let us know and we’ll draw up the contracts and arrange to meet you to sign them.

The fee for this service is £45:00, but you should only need to do it once!

If, on the other hand, you know that you want to leave the property after the initial six months rental is complete, then let us know in month five of your tenancy- in other words- give one full month’s notice. This gives us time to remarket the property.

Leaving the property

We’ll arrange a final check-out day with you at the end of your tenancy. Before this day arrives, you will need to have thoroughly cleaned the house, the oven, the carpets; got rid of any rubbish and cut the grass, tidied the garden.

You will need to take all your stuff with you, as there will be charges for the removal of any items left behind, which we will apply for out of your deposit with the DPS. Remember to close down all your utility accounts, including your rental standing order- people often forget that last one….but we just pay it back anyway….

We will inspect the property with you, going through the items and their condition as they were recorded on the inventory, whilst accounting for wear and tear. If all is well, then the whole deposit will be requested to be returned to you by the DPS- if not, then we will seek to withhold costs from your deposit to cover any remedial works.

We will take final readings with you from the meters, and pass them onto the property owner, and we will need your forwarding address in case we need to pass on any stray pieces of mail which come to the property for you.

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