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Houses to rent in Carlisle that accept pets

blog post by Christine Foley 23/02/19

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Blog post by Christine Foley 23/02/2019

“Should I accept pets?Now there’s a question we’re often asked by prospective owners of private property to rent in Carlisle. You know, the answer to that question can be trickier than you’d think.

puppy image
How could you possibly say “No!” to this little guy?
  1. Pets can be great– we have Toby, our Jack Russell, and we dearly love the little critter.
  2. Pets are great company– especially if you live on your own, or work from home, like Louis does. A pet is a companion who is there in the house with you, and doesn’t complain if you are swearing or farting- or anything- as long as you are kind to them.
happy dog
Some dogs have faces that only their owners can truly appreciate.


Pets can be furry- very furry- and fur goes everywhere, and I mean everywhere…up your nose, in every nook and cranny of your property. And fur is great on your pet– it’s soft and warm and so on, but when it’s not on your pet is it the enemy of cleanliness. Not only that, it is, for many people, a big time ALLERGEN. And that’s not a good thing, by any measure. Hmmmm…..

Pets can pee all over the place. I’m not saying that they will, just that they do have that potential. And that’s pretty stinky, and not at all what you as the owner of the property to let wants, nor what future prospective tenants want either. Just a foot over the threshold, and you can already see their noses crinkling, their lips curling, and you know, you just know, that pet pee has been detected.

sleepy cat
How could you possibly resist?!

Pets have feelings. A happy pet- great! A well-fed, well-occupied, well-exercised pet- no problems! A lonely pet- well, there’s a thing. A lonely pet in your property to let can get a bit bored….and a bit door-scratchy….a bit howly….a bit upsetting the neighbours. None of these things are good.

So……accept pets or not accept pets? This, we have discovered, is a really important question.

It really is worth giving the prospective pet-owning tenants- and their furry friends, if possible- a bit of a grilling on the subject.

What you’re needing to work out is:

  1. Is the pet left on his/her own for long periods of time?
  2. If the pet is going to be pooping in your yard/ garden/ is the tenant happy to clean up afterwards?
  3. Just how fluffy is this pooch/ cat?
  4. Are the prospective tenants willing to pay an extra deposit to clean up any possible mess or damage their pet is going to cause?

happy cat
Happy cat

My gut feelings are:

  • If both tenants are working long hours- then no– the poor animal will be lonely and therefore likely to be howling, scratching, destructive and generally miserable. Also likely to upset the neighbours.
  • If the pet is super-fluffy- proceed with caution: we’d definitely be looking for an extra deposit in this situation for deep cleaning at the end of the tenancy-with the proviso that if the property isn’t left super fluffy at the end of the tenancy then, of course, the extra deposit will be returned to the tenants.
  • Consider whether you’d want to keep your pet in your rental property ie.  is it genuinely suitable for a pet? Because, if it you don’t really think, in your heart of hearts, that your rental property is not a suitable home for the pet which your prospective tenants wish to bring with them, then it probably isn’t, and therefore the outcome is unlikely to be happy for all concerned.
  • Just be honest with yourself and your tenants. If your gut feelings are that your rental property is not suitable for your tenants’ pet, then it probably isn’t.

However…..if you feel that it may well suit your tenants’ pet, it may well be suitable. In our view, think carefully, and don’t just dismiss prospective tenants because they own a furry pet.

property to let
Your property to let

 After all, with so many people having a pet as part of their family if you include a ‘No pets’ statement in your property advertisement, then you are seriously limiting the number of prospective tenants who may be interested in your property to let.

There’s a great article on the subject here on the Simply Business website that you may wish to read if you are faced with this dilemma when considering letting out your property.

Still unsure whether to accept pets in your property to let? Then you may wish to read this article by Lets With Pets from the Dogs’ Trust – just click here to be taken to their site.

Lets with Pets
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