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To rent out your property you’re going to need an EPC certificate.

Your place may well already have one, if you’ve bought it recently. However, if your property doesn’t currently have an EPC you’ll need to get one and give a copy of it to your tenant.

What is an EPC and why is it important?

An EPC looks like this:

Click on this link to see an example:

It’s a report on the energy efficiency of your property, and it gives you advice on how you can use less energy- and thereby make your property more appealing to your tenants!

The report will give your property a rating from A-G, with A being the best rating, and it will last for ten years.

How is the rating measured?

The EPC assessor will visit your property and make judgements on how well your property retains heat and how efficiently it is lit and heated. For example, the assessor will ask you questions about such matters as roof and cavity insulation, the age, condition and efficiency of your heating system and whether your windows are all double glazed. Lighting is important too, as energy saving bulbs can last ten times longer than ordinary bulbs.

Carry out a few checks

As the highest rating on the EPC certificate is the most desirable, it’s worth carrying out a few checks of your own before the assessor arrives.


Brushing spiders bravely aside, venture into the loft and evaluate the condition of the loft and roof insulation up there. Effective insulation in your roof and loft could reduce a hefty 30% off the bill for heating your property- a real incentive for your prospective tenants!

Another incentive- a very significant one- some energy providers will carry out this work for free- so definitely worth doing a bit a research!

Could I d-i-y loft insulation?

If you wish to do the job yourself, here’s a useful video from The Green Age site- just click here:

Check out The Energy Saving Trust website for impartial advice: they suggest that good insulation up in the loft and roof will pay for itself many times over, and will therefore definitely earn you a warm smile from your EPC assessor.

Cavity wall insulation

Whether your rental property has cavity wall insulation will also be considered by the EPC assessor, so it’s worth exploring whether your property has it or not. If it doesn’t currently have cavity wall insulation, check out whether there are currently any incentives running in your area to help with the cost of having it installed in your property.

It’s worth looking at

This site claims:

A home can lose as much as 35% of its heat through uninsulated external walls. By investing in cavity wall insulation, you can significantly reduce the heat loss from your home. The concept of insulating a cavity wall is really very simple – it involves filling the cavity between the two skins of masonry bricks with an insulating material, which slows the movement of heat through the wall. Maintaining the heat inside your home keeps you warm and cosy when you need to be. It also works in reverse by keeping your house cooler in the summer months.


The average annual saving for a three bedroom property is around £250 per year, which is not an insignificant amount of cash!



Draughty and ill-fitting windows are going to send a shiver down the spine of any EPC assessor, as well as your prospective tenants, who these days will expect a property to be double glazed as standard.

Good glazing can reduce the carbon footprint of your property by 20%, which amounts to a significant chunk off heating bills as well as a much cosier and happier tenant.

It’s also worth looking at whether heat is escaping under the doors, both internal and external- and draught- excluders are a quick and easy solution to having chilly feet due to warm air escaping under the door.


A really quick and simple way to improve your EPC rating is to replace all the lightbulbs in your rental property with energy saving ones.

Need more details of how to prepare your rental property for the visit from the EPC assessor? Then take yourself over to The Energy Saving Trust and give your home a Home Energy Check. It doesn’t cost anything, but it will really help you to evaluate how energy efficient your property is and how you make changes to improve your rating on the EPC certificate.


How do I find an assessor and how much does it cost to have my rental property assessed?

Here at Homecoming Letting Agency we work with trusted local EPC assessors and we can arrange for one of them to your property. The charge is currently around £80. You will be given an EPC certificate, which will go onto the national EPC register.

Just click here if you would like us to arrange your visit, or if you have any questions about EPC certification.

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