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Council Tax

Council Tax

Council Tax: 2018

Below you will find the rates of Council Tax for each of the property bandings in Carlisle. These are the current amounts for 2018 and so are likely to change in the future. The amounts are calculated according to the value of the property.

When you rent out a property with Homecoming Letting Agency you will be informed which band it belongs to.

Band A= £ 1135.99 per annum

Band B= £1325.33 per anum

Band C= £1514.65per annum

Band D= £1703.99 per annum

Band E= £2082.65 per annum

Band F= £2461.32 per annum

Band G= £2839.98 per annum

Band H= £3407.98 per annum                


Council Tax Reductions

If you are a single person, or in receipt of certain benefits, you may well be entitled to certain rebates on your council tax bill, so it’s well worth contacting Carlisle City Council to inquire.